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Since its inception in 1996, RITEC has worked steadily to become the world leader in special application printing.  RITEC was founded by engineering, manufacturing, and management professionals with extensive backgrounds in traditional military/aerospace computing.  The Rugged Information Technology Equipment Corporation was formed to address the rapidly emerging need for rugged commercial computing equipment and has since become the world leader in all aspects of special application printing.

Leading-edge rugged printers, computers, and peripherals modified through RITEC proprietary, custom design enable our customers to achieve reliable product performance in severe environments.  Our product-line rollover planning mitigates obsolescence threats and provides modernization alternatives for rapid incorporation of commercial product advancements as they become available.  The RITEC strategy is to provide compliant, cost-effective solutions that utilize the most current technology available.

RITEC performs timely updates to our product configurations with the latest commercial technology.  The insertion is seamless to our customers, fully documented, and qualified.  Commercial product advancements improve the appeal of each RITEC offering through increased performance and operability.

RITEC custom-designed full-military and RTCA/DO-160 certified airborne printers provide reliable, long-term performance in severe environments without the concern of product obsolescence.  These product designs are inherently resistant to obsolescence and allow for reliable performance throughout the program life.

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