Rugged Computers

Ritec’s Air Transport Rack (ATR) rugged chassis are engineered for the harshest Airborne and Ground Environments. Designed for ground mobile and up to 60,000 feet these ATR rugged computer chassis are designed to meet and exceed all military specifications. Using the latest Multiple Core 2 Duo Technology SBC’s while storing over 2 TBytes of Solid State Drives(SSD) with Gigabit Ethernet Switch (gige) allows processing and storage capacities far superior to competitors in a much smaller ATR Chassis Form Factor than ever before. Advanced Hybrid Conduction/ Convection cooling technology allows high altitude and/or extreme ground mobile environment operation while maintaining a high MTBF.
Rugged Terabyte Mass Data Storage Unit
Conduction Cooled
1/2 Short ATR Chassis
4U 7 Slot Multi-Architecture
Server Chassis
5 Slot VME
RCOTS Chassis
Full Long
ATR Chassis
FTS 2.0
Forward Tactical Server
Airborne Interface Processor