Dual 10/12 Display System

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Performance Specifications

  • Display Characteristics
    • 10 inch Side: 256 Gray levels 18ms response
    • 12 inch Side: 256 Gray level 25ms response
  • Resolution 1024×768 XGA
  • Backlight 200fL minimum brightness white field
    NVIS per MIL-STD-3009 for Color Displays LED backlight
  • Video Processing Motion adaptive pixel based de-interlacing
    • High quality image scaling
    • Aspect ratio conversion- 16:9, 4:3, 2:1, 1:1, 16:10, 2.25:1
    • Picture-in-picture or picture-by-picture with adjustable window sizing and transparency
    • Video zoom, image freeze, and color temperature select
  • I/O Interfaces
    • 2x NTSC/PAL/RS-170 composite video inputs with loop-through
    • 2x Analog RGBHsVs inputs up to SXGA with loop-through
    • 2x HD-SDI inputs up to 1080i 60Hz or 1080p 30Hz
    • 2x HD-SDI Video Loop-through
  • Controls Transilluminated control panel per MIL-STD-3009, for Illuminated controls Brightness adjustment
    • Mode select: Off, NVG, DAY
    • Video select for each display: MAP, FLIR, TV, AUX 1, AUX 2, or application specific mapping
    • Multifunction, 4-way toggle with center push button: Host system mouse function with USB interface Local OSD select and adjustment
  • Input Voltage 28Vdc
  • Input Current 4Amps
  • Dimensions 20.75” W x 9.25” H x 3.00” D

Environmental Specifications

  • Operating Temperature -20° to +55° C; +70° C Intermittent
  • Extended Operating Temperature -40° to +55° C (with Heater)
  • Storage Temperature -40°C to +85°C