Model SES10P

The Model SES10P is the next generation of Aerospace Server and Secure Wireless Network Switch. With the ability to connect through up to 10 Ports of GbE, Wi-Fi and Worldwide 4G/5G Cellular, it is designed to simplify the connection of air and ground-based information networks. The architecture of this Switch is a bottom-up design to help get ahead of current and emerging Cyber Security challenges with completely segregated Red/Black zones in one box. The Switch provides top-in-class throughput and a level of robustness that is unparalleled. The SES10P is a smart investment in managing modern topology for the future of IT infrastructure. It is easy to deploy and easy to manage. RITEC makes enterprise-grade cyber security technology accessible for every aerospace and defense application.

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Performance Specifications

  • Processor: 4 cores, up to 2.0 GHz
  • Memory: 8 GB DDR4 RAM
  • Up To 10 Ethernet: 10/100/1000
  • Cellular: Worldwide 4G, 5G
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n/ac
  • Input Voltage: 115/230 Vac, 50/60 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 45 W nominal

Environmental Specifications

  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +55°C; limited operation at +71°C
  • Storage Temperature: -55°C to +85°C
  • Operating Altitude: 0 to 25,000 feet
  • Storage Altitude: 0 to 40,000 feet
  • Humidity: Up to 100% operating/nonoperating
  • Vibration: Sinusoidal 2.5 g, 10 to 250 Hz operating; Random 4.12 grms, 10 to 2,000 Hz operating
  • Shock: 6 g, 11 ms operating; 20 g, 20 ms crash safety
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility: RTCA/DO-160, Section 15-22 and Section 25
  • Acceleration: 18 g, 3 axes each direction
  • Power Transients: MIL-STD-704 normal/abnormal operation
  • Lightning: Power pins 250V/10A, 125V/125A, 400V/4A; Data pins 50V/2A, 50V/50A


  • Ethernet: Up to 10 x 1 GbE over copper
  • Layer 2 packet processing
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n/ac operating in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands
  • Cellular: Worldwide 4G and 5G connectivity
  • 4-core 2.0 GHz processor
  • Atleast 6 instances of virtualization
  • 20,000-hour MTBF


  • Up to 64 GB RAM
  • Up to 1 TB SATA
  • Quadrax Ethernet connectors
  • Layer 2 packet processing
  • Security engine
  • Red/Black data segregation