5 Slot VME RCOTS Chassis

Ritec’s rugged chassis are designed to meet and exceed military, industrial or customer defined specifications. System integration can be accomplished by adding software, I/O (digital and analog), single board computers or other functionality. The model 7103 comes with a fully customizable 5 slot VME backplane and can be custom configured with various peripherals. This chassis supports popular backplanes such as VME, VME 64X, VITA 31, VITA 41, VITA 46, CompactPCI 2.1, CompactPCI 2.16 and more. The power supplies used are fully configurable to meet all output voltages and current requirements and provide optimal voltage managing for circuit development and system characterization. The optional Ethernet based system monitor can track chassis temperature, input voltages, fan speed and more.

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  • Qualified to MIL-STD-810E/461E
  • 5 Slot VME Backplane and Card Cage
  • Rugged Aluminum Chassis
    Designed to Meet MIL-STD-810E/461E
  • Convection Cooled


  • Internal Environmental Monitor and Control
  • Hot Swappable Hard Drives
  • Customer Definable Configurations
  • VME, VME 64X, VITA 31, VITA 41, VITA 46
    CompactPCI 2.1