4U 7 Slot Multi-Architecture Server Chassis

Model 7204 is a new member of Ritec’s lineup of rack mountable Rugged Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (RCOTS) chassis products. Originally designed as a dual processor server chassis deployed in forward post desert applications, the Model 7204 meets essential high-reliability MIL standards, such as 810, 461 and 1668. The Model 7204 resilience comes from its unique “chassis-in-chassis” design. Moreover, it is highly resistant to airborne dust and sand. Easily-accessed air filters make service simple and fast.

As with many of Ritec COTS and RCOTS chassis, Model 7204 is available in various standard configurations, notably passive backplanes that can be ordered include VME, VME64, VITA 31/41/46, CompactPCI 2.1 or 2.16 and PCIMG PCI. Popular motherboard form-factors that the Model 7000 accommodates include ATX and mini-ATX. The fully customizable Model 7204 also accommodates fixed and removable drive configuration.

With its aggressive push-pull cooling system, various single and multi-core CPU types will operate without issue when exposed to an operating temperature range of -10C to +50C. Additional security can come from an optional Ethernet bases system monitor which tracks and regulates internal temperature, fan speed, input voltages and more.

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