Conduction Cooled 1/2 Short ATR Chassis

The Model 8006 is a conduction cooled Half-Short ATR chassis with a 4-slot VME 64x or cPCI backplane standard. The conduction cooling method provides superior performance and protection from the elements with completely sealed design. Status LED indicators allow users to verify proper voltages are being upheld and operating conditions are within a functional range.

Like all Ritec rugged chassis, the Model 8006 is designed to meet and exceed multiple military specifications, and is custom configurable with various backplane, power supply, internal and external connectors and cables to meet any customer’s needs.

In addition to the Model 8006, fully sealed, conduction cooled ATRs are also available in all 13 “standard” sizes. Please contact Ritec to determine your exact configuration.

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Performance Specifications

  • Backplane 4 Slot VME 64x or cPCI (others available)
  • I/O Interfaces Front panel I/O connectors
  • Status LED indicators
  • Input Current 28 Vdc or 115 Vac 47-440Hz
  • Output Power +5 Vdc
    +3.3 Vdc
    +12/-12 Vdc
  • Power Consumption 250W Max
  • Dimensions 7.495″ H x 4.88″ W x 15.964″ D
  • Weight 21 lbs Aluminum Chassis
  • Cooling Conduction cooling

Environmental Specifications

  • Operating Temperature -20° to +50° C
  • Extended Operating Temperature -20° to +71° C
  • Storage Temperature -40° to +85° C
  • Operating Altitude 27,000 feet
  • Storage Altitude 60,000 feet
  • Humidity 10% to 95% non-condensing
  • Vibration MIL-STD-810F OAGrms 2.6
  • Shock 20g 11 msec
  • EMI/EMC MIL-STD-461, Method CE102, CS101, CS114, CS115, CS116, RE102, and RS103